March 20, 2001

Welcome to Max and Minka's Brilliante English to Yiddish Encoder Ring

This application was created in Flash 4 and is a standalone projector that should run on your reasonably current Mac. It has not been tested on any machine except for the G3 PowerBook on which it was created. Please report problems to


1. Install the Ain Yiddish fonts that were enclosed with the download package.

2. Double click "Yiddish Transmognifier v1" to begin.

3. Follow the instructions that can be found by clicking on the question mark when the main transmognification window opens.

For your convenience, we've included the help file here:

Thank you for using Max and Minka's Brilliante English to Yiddish Encoder Ring, which will turn your Roman alphabet transliteration into Yiddish alef-beys, at the touch of a button. This is version 1.0, released on March 13, 2001. It is not a translator, but rather, a utility to reduce hunting and pecking for Yiddish characters on a Latin keyboard. You must know Yiddish and be able to transliterate according to the YIVO standard in order to use this tool.


1. Type or paste your transliteration in the right hand text box.

2. Click the ring when you're ready to see results in the left hand text box.

3. When you're happy with the results, select all the text in the left hand text box and copy and paste into your word processing program. It will look like Gibberish, not Yiddish.

4. Select all the Gibberish text and change the font to Ain Yiddish (this font was included with this package and must be installed on your computer). Then set your text to right justified. Tah-daaah! If all went well, you'll see editable Yiddish on your computer.

NOTE: This little trick does not work in a browser window. You will need to download the stand-alone version to perform this feat and amaze your audience.

There are a few known problems:

1. For some reason, the Ain Yiddish font does not contain a proper apostrophe. Weird, but true. So, if you need an apostrophe, you'll have to get it from another font. This may be fixed at some point in the future.

2. Because Hebrew-derived words are spelled without vowels, they will not transmognify correctly. You will have to fix them individually in your final text.

3. It is not possible to copy and/or paste text from/into a text window in Flash when it is a browser window. In order to copy text from Max and Minka's Brilliante English to Yiddish Encoder Ring into your word processor, you will have to use the stand-alone version for your platform. See the download page for a stand-alone version of this tool.

Max and Minka's Brilliante English to Yiddish Encoder Ring is Shareware.

If you like it and use it a lot and find it extremely useful, please consider paying for it. Suggested donation is sliding scale from $10 to $1000. This will help Max and Minka bring joy and happiness with Eastern European accordion music to the world. Please go to and make a fund-transfer to Or if you prefer to pay by check, please contact us at the same address and we will arrange for a drop. Thank you.